As many of you know, my business is now located in Del Rio, Texas. We are excited about the change and have already seen how God has worked things out JUST for us. It’s been awesome to say the least. I remember praying for a church, for friends, for day school opportunities for my kids, for direction in general… and… for a chance to FEEL like I’m using all of my God-given gifts. It’s been humbling to see how God answered each of these requests and more. I’ve got a couple of things going on that I’m trusting God’s timing about, but as a dreamer… when do I not have ideas swirling in my head?! Anyone else relate?

And, for pictures’ sake, I’ll post two recent-ish pictures since moving.

Brylie is 18 months. We went to our backyard to snag a few pictures in the Texas Sage that I love so much.

Hudson is 4, and at the time, he loved everything Cars. Our awesome friends made us this sweet Lightning McQueen!

I hope to continue sharing more about the fun we have here in Del Rio. Stay tuned!


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