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If you love summer weddings, thoughtful details, large families, and just plain fun, then you’re sure to fall in love with Brent & Megan’s July wedding at The N at Hardway Ranch!


Meet the guys…

OwenWedding-079b&w-blog OwenWedding-075-blog


and the girls.

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I can’t share this picture without explaining why it is so special. First, Megan’s wedding band contains diamonds from special women in her life: her mom, 2 grandmothers, Brent’s mom, and Brent’s grandmother. Second, the heart I used to photograph them on is one of several wooden hearts given to Megan by one of her bridesmaids.


It was super important to Megan and her mom to include this wedding dress on the left. Not only did Megan’s mom wear it at her wedding but, it is also Megan’s late-grandmother’s dress. So special.


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One of my favorites.  🙂


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Another favorite!  🙂



The weather couldn’t have been better for an evening in July which made for a great outdoor dance party. See those pictures on the bottom? Meet Brent’s mom and stepdad, I dare say he stole the show with his dance moves!

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