Travis & Emily {Waco Wedding}

Travis & Emily are kicking off our 2015 weddings.You may remember them from their engagement session last June. Their wedding took place at The Phoenix Ballroom in Waco and was pretty perfect if you ask me!


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  • Marian Polglase

    Lovely pictures as far as they went but no family pictures with parents, grandparents, relatives? Some pictures were requested. Are they available? No total bridal party pictures?
    I’m the bride’s grandmother and there’s nothing there I really want to show the rest of the family as they’ve seen pictures of Emily and Travis already. They’ve asked for extended family pictures and there are none to show.
    Sorry to complain but there’s so much more I’d like to see and remember.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Marian, I remember you and thank you for visiting my website! I’m sorry you are disappointed with the pictures on the blog post; however, I think the pictures you are wanting to see can be found in Travis & Emily’s wedding gallery. Their gallery can be accessed through the Clients link at the top of the page. Please rest assured there are many family pictures in the gallery that I did not use for images in this blog post. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!ReplyCancel

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