Hudson 18 Months

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about expectations. I’ve let situations that don’t meet my expectations get under my skin. Leaving me with a less than pleasant attitude. I love how God chooses to teach and guide me in the simplest forms some times…

Hudson will be 18 months on Valentine’s Day and I had high expectations for his 18-month pictures. I planned out all the details of how I’d use his last year’s props for this year. Call me Mrs. Sentimental (but seriously). Anyway, I decided I’d set up during his afternoon nap. Nothing too elaborate, just a crate I spray-painted red and a fabric banner I made last year. As soon as Hudson woke up, I dressed him in the adorable outfit that had been hanging in his closet (for over a month) only to find it was much to big for him. Grreeaaat. I quickly dressed him in outfit #2 and towed my camera gear and squirming son outside. I tried to act as excited as possible speaking in an obnoxious high voice as we walked to the location I had set up. Completely uninterested, Hudson immediately began running toward the front door of the house. I thought, “Are you serious?! I just set all of this up, it’s a beautiful day, and by golly he WILL sit down and let me take his picture…” Then it happened; the dreadful, but comforting, confrontation from the Holy Spirit (dreadful because he always points out my flaws but comforting because his guidance leads me to a better me). With his help, I re-evaluated why I was taking Hudson’s pictures. The answer? To capture the sweet spirit of a boy who stole my heart. I watched as Hudson ran toward the Ranger he loves to ride in saying, “Ooon go?” I watched as he picked up rocks and held them in his tiny hands while simultaneously pointing at the passing “kighs” and “kucks.” I watched him play with the same guitar his dad used to play as a kid; strumming and singing proudly. Oh, how my perspective changed. The photos below are the result of an evening that didn’t go as expected. This momma is, most definitely, still learning.

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