Travis+Kayla+Tyra+Jayden+Baby {Family & Maternity}

Miss McKynlie Grace Lujan will make her debut in a few weeks. I’m thrilled my sister-in-law Kayla wanted me to capture this time in her life. Of course, we had to make it a family affair so Travis, Tyra, and Jayden came too! Kayla had so many great ideas for the session as well as a request that some pictures be edited black and white. As I edited the pictures, I liked all of the black and whites best! I was tempted to post all the images in B&W—BUT for curiosity’s sake, I did some in color too. 😉 You’re welcome!


The image below is one of my favorites! Are you kidding me?!


Another favorite (notice it is B&W as well)! 🙂


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