1 year ago today…

…BJ graduated from the DPS Academy! Yes, he loves being a trooper. 🙂

One year ago today:

I was so excited at the thought of being married to a “State Trooper” (lol). At the same time, I was scared out of my mind (BJ was 100% excited) to move to Hillsboro. I often asked God, “Why Hillsboro…?” I trusted in the fact that God knew what was best for BJ and I; oh my goodness, was it ever!

God has changed our hearts so much in one year, and though we are excited to leave, we will miss the friendships we have built here. Yes, facebook and cell phones are a plus, but we’ll miss the ease of driving a few minutes to see great friends!

Okay, enough seriousness… I thought it would be fun to share facts that all troopers’ wives should know!

#1 – It takes a while to get used to seeing your hubby in a patrol car.

#2 – Be ready to hear stories… and stories… and stories!

#3 – Yes, you will get used to the “night shift.”

#4 – Be prepared, his new favorite song will be “I got a star on my car and one on my chest…” [That could just be a BJ thing!]

#5 – Want to know your hubby’s trooper buddies better? Make them dessert and take it to the office!

*I am trying to figure out  a way to show all of you an awesome video one of the recruits made, the file size is SO large that I can’t put it on my blog! If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!

The pictures below are from the pre-photographer stage… 🙂

Our first picture together!

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